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You can order presales for the Xexify event XEXISTENZ using the PayPal button below (quantity can be changed in the cart, you DON'T need a paypal account to use the button):


Initial presales are $40.  The price will go up to $50 on February 25th, and will be $60 at the gate.  More information coming soon!


hello and welcome to the new xexify website.

here you will be able to purchase exclusive Xexify media, such as limited edition CD's and digital downloads.  paintings and mastering info will be added in the near future.


to celebrate the premier of the new website, I would like to announce the release of the new album by the Dog of Tears-- DOG DAY AFTERNOON.  this album/extended-ep is available exclusively from xexifycom in digital download format.  it will fund future physical-CD releases.  to purchase your copy, please click below on the DDA cover image:

DDA cover


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  Special thanks to Galen Senogles for designing this new website. 

COMING SOON: DOGSPIRAL1 in digital download format (finally!), RESIN SCULPTURE paintings, FREE ALBUMS by A.C. Lyon and Dr. Xex

-D.C.C. of tears

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