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LUNALIMINAL: A Collaboration Event Between Xexify and MIstress of Evil! 3-21-2020 in the Mojave desert

LUNALIMINAL: A Collaboration Event Between Xexify and MIstress of Evil! 3-21-2020 in the Mojave desert


Dear Xexify and Mistress of Evil Constituents,

We are postponing Lunaliminal. We are *tentatively* rescheduling for October 17.

-Two of our headliners are unable to fly into the US at this time due to the travel ban.
-No one is buying presales, and many of those who have are asking for refunds.
-There would probably only be 50 people at the party.
-It is socially irresponsible to have a gathering at this time, as we all collectively begin to start taking this outbreak more seriously.
-There will likely be more quarantine measures coming down in the next week that will complicate matters further.

If you bought a presale, you can choose to ask for a refund if you would like.
If you don’t ask for one, your name will be held on the list and you already have a ticket for the postponed event, as well as our eternal gratitude. You will also receive a free dogspiral2 triple-CD album at the event!
Otherwise, please e-mail dog@xexify.com to ask for a refund. You can wait as long as you like, if you want to think about it.
Just message me here on FB, let me know the name you bought presales under, and I will work on getting you refunded as soon as possible. Refunds may be missing Paypal or Magento fees, I’m not sure yet— it’s only a few dollars though.
But please, if you can afford it, let it ride until October.

We are very sorry to have to report this news. It’s been a tough run for Xexify parties in the last couple of years! But we have to do the responsible thing here, and postpone the event. We encourage everyone to take the outbreak seriously and stay informed, find the balance between ignorance and fear-mongering, and stay prepared, both physically and mentally, for some crazier shit to hit the fan very soon.

Thanks everyone for your support and understanding. Please use this post for questions and comments, and reserve DMs for refund requests. Feel free to share/repost this as well.


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