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Please read the survival guide, copy and pasted below:



1.  Please remember this is a LEAVE NO TRACE event.  Bring a trash bag or trash bags.  Pack out everything you bring in.  Don’t leave any litter.  Cover and settle all fire pits.  Spot check your camp area before departure.  Leave your campsite cleaner than when you arrived— there are often bullet shells and other debry littered in the area by dirt bikers.


2.  You should bring everything you need to survive— food, water, and warm clothes.  It is known to get pretty cold in the Mojave desert at night, and possibly windy in the early morning twilight hours.  Weather forecast is pretty good— mid 40’s low, high 70’s high, and high winds are not projected for the music hours.  Nonetheless, be prepared for possible temperatures in the 30s and winds up to 20 mph (secure your campsite, don’t leave out trash or loose objects).  There will be a blazing fire at night and a full canopy of shade over the dancefloor for the day.


3. DIRECTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT XEXIFY.COM //// They are at the top of this blog post in fact....


4.  Dogs and other pets are welcome, however, please make sure they behave on the dancefloor


5.  If you have a medical issue or emergency, please see Justin Campbell, Sivan Bokra, or David Cohen.


6.  IF YOU PURCHASED A PRESALE:  Please present the NAME YOU USED TO PURCHASE PRESALE(S) and your e-mail address.  If possible, provide ID.  For example, some folks PayPal account name is something made up, such as “Psycircle Studios” or the like.  It is very important that you present this info when you come to the gate, since that is how the presale list is organized.  Raffle winners will be announced on Thursday, presale link will be removed Wednesday afternoon.


7. IF YOU DID NOT PURCHASE A PRESALE:  The price at the gate is $60, please don’t argue with the gate staff about this, if you absolutely require cheaper admission, please discuss it with a head crew member BEFORE your arrival (preferably before the weekend!)


8.  We build COMPOSTING TOILETS for this event.  There are three of them.  Please follow the instructions posted inside them and only use them for #2.  Most importantly, keep them clean!  Put a scoop of earth material or sawdust (provided) after you complete your business.


9.  Please participate!  You can accomplish this in various ways, such as Dancing, Helping Justin With the Fire, Handing Out Fresh Fruit on the Dancefloor, Staring at the Sun, or programming alternate simulated realities.  Be creative!




5:30 PM— Opening Ceremony

6:00 PM— Konvndrvm

8:00 PM— Shaichedelic

9:30 PM— Subocaj

11:30 AM— Audiodidakt

1:30 AM— Limbertimbre

3:00 AM— Ohmnipresence

4:30 AM— Priapizzm

7:00 AM— Samyaza

8:30 AM— Sunchild

10:30 AM— Fractal Cowboys

12:00 PM— the Dog of Tears

2:00 PM— Ghreg on Earth (special experimental afternoon set)

3:15 PM— Sweatshop Boys

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